SMOC Industries was founded in 1946. Its major activity consisted in trading cutting tools. During the 60’s, the company went on specializing into this type of tools. In 1969, the factory started manufacturing broaching tools.
In 2017 turnover reached 10,5 M€ with 105 employees. SMOC products are considered from the highest technology & purchased worldwide ( France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, India…

Due to high demand in aeronautic & gas turbine business, SMOC has opened in march 2017 a new facility 1600m² dedicated to aeronautic and tool management. In 2018, Smoc Industries expects a 12M€ turnover, with 110 employees.

Thanks to its Engineering Dept, SMOC Industries is able to design in 3D on its own, tools based on customers’ requirements/specifications.

Besides manufacturing brand new tools, SMOC Industries disposes of other abilities, such as tool re-sharpening operations (without interruption, 7 days/a week), tool repair, management of tools (re-sharpening, life control, replacement, etc..) for some of its customers, technical assistance on their sites.

Furthermore, the production at SMOC Industries is split into sectors, each one oriented on a kind of tool, according to our customers’ wishes for interlocutors more specifically specialized in their ranges of tools (i.e. internal broaching tools, surface broaching tools and racks, fir-tree broaching tools, re-sharpening and repairing operations).


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